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Basic principles of web design development:

  • A balance between "convenient" and "trendy. The right combination of functionality and design trends keeps the user on the site and makes it easy to explore the service.
  • Influence on mood. A company's message is easily conveyed through visual design. Playing with associations will lead to the right decisions on colors and fonts that evoke specific emotions.
  • Versatility. Developing a product, it is important to focus on the interests of the widest possible audience. Good design takes into account such parameters as the age of users, the state of health, giving everyone the opportunity to use the product independently.
  • Comprehensible interface. The path from the first click on the site to the target action (filling out a form, placing an order or reading the content) should be easy and take less than a minute.
  • High performance. This parameter affects the conversion rate of the web service. Therefore, we develop UI/UX design that meets customer requirements and supports fast page load speed.
  • Work with interaction. The UX shows the result of any user action on the site, whether the user clicks on a link or changes the screen resolution.
  • Division into blocks. The user can easily perceive the structured content. The less necessary to search for the necessary section, the faster the target action will be executed.
  • Predictability. Using already well-established design solutions - it's a concern for the convenience of visitors to web pages. Experimental concepts is better to test and implement gradually.
  • Testing of ideas. When designing a web design from scratch, tests are a must, which will help to arrive at a user-friendly interface that gives a good conversion rate.

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Design update - the second breath of business?

"Don't make me think" is one of the basic principles that guide designers in the visual design of products. With its arrival in web design, old services could use an update. What will it do? 1. Increased trust and loyalty from users; 2. An increase in time spent on the site and the depth of page views; 3. Increase of conversion (registration, call, message, order placement, etc.). UI/UX design is the process of establishing a dialogue between the product and the potential client. How your business will feel depends on the quality of communication between them, that's why it is worth updating the interface of services.

What are we doing?

Our company offers service upgrade and development of unique website design for your brand. We create friendly interfaces for apps, software, and all types of sites: promo sites; corporate sites; online stores; service sites or catalogs; lendings; forums and blogs. Web-design at Polyarix studio is based on high-quality visual design principles. First, it is intuitiveness of the interface, as well as quick response of the service to user interaction with design elements. Second is adaptivity. Thirdly, brevity and modern style. To implement the projects we use proven tools: Figma, Sketch, After Effects, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD.

We follow the best world trends.

We see the essence and find bright solutions for each project.

Stages of website web design development

  • Getting to know the client and drawing up a brief.
  • Analysis of the provided information and clarification of requirements for the future interface. Determination of the design goal and functionality of the product.
  • Preliminary estimate of the time required to complete the project.
  • Execution of the contract and making prepayment.
  • In-depth study of the input data and analysis of competitor web services.
  • Developing a prototype. Creation of a detailed layout of the future service, showing the type of screens, the navigation map, user scenarios.
  • Interface design. Thought-out arrangement of buttons, content, elements and their behavior and grouping.
  • Presentation of the prototype to the client and approval.
  • UI. Visual design, adding effects, development of graphics.
  • Demonstration of dynamic prototypes for the client - animations of how the future service will work.
  • Reconciliation of the concept.
  • Completing the work and handing over the project for development.
Web design service at Polyarix is a process that combines the efforts of a project manager and a web designer. When we deliver a project, we provide source code and previews (jpg, png, mp4), as well as documentation on the implementation of the functions that were conceived at the interface design stage.
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Advantages of interface design development in Polyarix

Understanding the client's business

We know the goals of the brand, the audience, as well as work with the expectations of the customer.


We are in constant contact with the client to approve ideas, concepts and agree on solutions.

Knowing the preferences of the target audience

We set ourselves the task to meet the needs of the target audience of the brand and make the design as user-friendly as possible. We know how to turn a simple visitor into a buyer with the help of website visuals.

The "wow" effect

We implement solutions that make an impression. We achieve this by mixing styles, adding non-standard and complex animations and going beyond the expected.

Work according to the contract

We reflect all stages of work, obligations and guarantees in the contract.


The cost of web design development

The price of web design depends on the time that will be spent on the project, as well as the type of site and the client's request: whether it will be the creation of design from scratch or facelift. The number of pages of the service, drawing adaptive versions, the use of complex animations, which may require additional expertise, reflect the cost of the service.

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A website for business is a tool for maintaining communication with consumers and company development. We want to help our clients' services to fulfill their tasks, to be visually pleasant and understandable to each user. To achieve our goal, we follow modern concepts in UI/UX design.

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