Contextual advertising or Seo: how to promote the site?

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Many people wonder what is better: seo promotion or promotion of contextual advertising?!
It is important to know and understand that these are different things. All possible options for website promotion give their results, but what variant to choose? Let’s figure out what is contextual advertising and site optimization.

What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is one type of online advertising in which the user sees the ad related to his search into the search box. Contextual advertising can be of two types: a search and thematic.

How it looks?

Announcement of contextual advertising has a title, text, and link pages, where the user gets, as well as additional information.

Here is the Google advertisement:

Advantages of contextual advertising and how it works

The main advantage of search advertising is targeted traffic, and disadvantage is a high price and coverage. Media advertising has several advantages such as price, great coverage of the audience, targeted traffic and visualization. But at the same time, it is difficult to configure and it has the probability of click fraud.

In the context, you pay the search engines for each click on certain ads. Number of views can be different, but each ad click is paid. The minimum cost of contextual advertising is in Yandex. Direct is 30 cents, in Google AdWords is $0.01. Its main advantage is a quick sale. As a rule, the next day new clients call and make orders. This is a great opportunity to start earning immediately. But don’t forget that you have to consistently pay for advertising. But if the budget is not enough or you decided to disable ads? Customers calls ended.
Very rarely contextual advertising is cheap, often it is not a cheap pleasure. If the average income per customer is not large, the income from contextual advertising is unlikely to bring the expected result.
Contextual advertising can be directed to one-page websites, promo pages, as well as to multi-sites of companies or large online stores. It is well-proven in work with one-page websites, as users come to the site for one desired product or service.

What is SEO?

Website Promotion includes internal and external optimization, which allows to raise its position in search engine results for various user’s requests. The first aim for information resources is to increase the network traffic and its subsequent monetization. For commercial resources it is increasing of potential customers. Promotion in Google or Yandex is slightly different, there is important knowledge in every direction.

SEO-promotion of the site. Is it better than contextual advertising?

The site will not be able to reach the top positions on the Internet, unless it is at least at the initial stage of a simple optimization. If the site is a mess, the high positions cannot be considered. Thanks to proper SEO optimization, a website can get top position in search engines and get free traffic.

The result of search engine optimization are clients, who are themselves looking for companies that provide the services they need. They are ready to buy and they want to make a purchase.

How much time and when to expect the result?

It can take from one to six months for a variety of requests depending on the subject. If a particular business has highly competitive requests, you may need a longer period. When the site with the help of SEO gets to the top, it is important to maintain a stable unique textual content and write articles using keywords. After website optimization and long-term work, you get the result that lasts longer, as well as a stable, free traffic.


Nowadays, there is time of high competition, that’s why you need to promote the site by all methods. The most important thing is to improve it for the user, to attract traffic from various channels, ie, combine context and seo. These are the tools that complement each other and help a website to be in top quickly and permanently. Polyarix company finds an individual approach for each client and develops a strategy for effective promotion.